The European Platform of Transport Sciences - EPTS Foundation e.V. - would like to thank the organizers of the University of Zilina very much for hosting the 17th European Transport Congress in Bratislava last month. It was a pleasure being their guest and we really much liked the cozy and warm atmosphere of the Conference, as well as its outcomes.

The 17th European Transport Congress (ETC), was held from 13-14th June 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Congress was organized by the EPTS Foundation e.V.  and the University of Zilina.

The Topic of the Congress: "New Trends in Transport Systems"

The Congress venue and Photo Gallery can be seen here: www.17etc.uniza.sk


A prospect to 2020: The 18th ETC will be held in Rostock, Germany, from 12.-14.10.2020. Our German colleagues from DVWG (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.) are just planning the event.

The Topic of the upcoming Congress: "Innovative Transport Systems in European Logistic Networks  –  Options for Non-Metropolitan Regions"

For more information, please look over here www.epts.eu/etc2020



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